Mastery of Self-Defense Strategies

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Continue your journey with me as we share, gain insight and experience topics and training around self-defense, sex and consent strategies.

The intention of the application below is to discuss together if the 1:1 Mastery Program is right for you. Upon completion of the application, you will schedule a 30 minute call for us to dive deeper into the expectations of this 12 week, personalized Self-Defense Mastery Program.

Please… only fill out this application if you are a female adult living anywhere (from San Diego to out of the U.S.A), who is PREPARED to finally level-up, destroy all self doubt AND show up in this world with unshakeable confidence and new, engrained skills.

By the end of the Self-Defense Mastery Program, we will identify and move through your top limiting beliefs, upgrade your social strategies and thought patterns associated and move through the source of what’s keeping you feeling static. You WILL walk away feeling massively connected to your intuition, confident in your fitness regime and body language, and ultimately create a plan of action to address the issue and move forward each and every day = that will help you to create new patterns of thought, action and beliefs in order to TRANSFORM your lifestyle.

The energy of this badass female group will uplift you to new levels of awareness. This community will provide you with tools, resources, coaching, and accountability to make your daily training inside the tribe worthwhile.

We are all busy badass babes, and we don't have time to play around on the phone! I ONLY want to speak to women motivated to DITCH the excuses in 2019 and that are ready to UPLEVEL their mindset.

Once you complete the form, please follow the instructions to schedule a call!

Are you truly ready to uplevel your soul? If so, fill out the form below!

One love! xo, ARI

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The Self-Defense Mastery program is designed to fast-track your way to success and help you achieve the EXPLOSION you want in your life by discovering negative patterns and beliefs that you have that's holding you back from showing up big, keeping you playing small, and decreased self esteem as it relates to your everyday life. We will identify and discuss your top negative beliefs, thought patterns associated with it, and the source of what’s keeping you feeling stuck. By the end of that call, you will walk away knowing a plan of action to address the issue that will help you to create new thought patterns and beliefs to TRANSFORM your life and situations around you. If I were to tell you that this session *would* cost $1900, what would be your honest reaction? *
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Before I can consider your application, please agree to the following terms: I (applicant named above), agree to be 100% open and coachable during our call. I agree to be fully present on the call, to listen intently, and be willing to take action