Complimentary Sessions: Athletic Performance Bodywork
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Complimentary Sessions: Athletic Performance Bodywork

Join me near on the beautiful Sunset Cliffs for a 20minute demonstration of AriFit Athletic Performance Enhancement Bodywork = using myofascial release techniques, active release + stretch therapy, e-STIM and deep tissue muscle tools to relieve pain, bring circulation to tightness and knots, increase range of motion and blood flow within a full-body session ! First come, first serve.

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Women's Wellness Retreat: Bliss Out Camp Out
to Sep 8

Women's Wellness Retreat: Bliss Out Camp Out

Throughout the weekend, Ari will be educating on self-defense strategies, pain prevention and proper movement mechanics. Ari will be on-site teaching two Krav Maga self-defense workshops as well performing athletic enhancement bodywork the entire weekend. Heal your neuromuscular pain with an athletic performance bodyworker.

Krav Maga is the official system of the Isreal military. This street-fighting system is based on utilizing your intuitive reflexive reactions. Learn how to respond, react and deescalate when placed in stressful situations. Develop situational awareness, gain massive self-confidence and get a great workout in a supportive and safe environment.

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AriFit Weekend Mastermind Retreat
to Feb 2

AriFit Weekend Mastermind Retreat



(FULL value: Includes entire self-defense mastery coaching programs as well as retreat)

Childcare provided upon request

Five plant-based meals throughout the entire weekend provided by Katie’s Healing Kitchen

MORNING ROUTINE: Movement flow fusion followed by sound healing and concluded by guided breathwork followed by a prepared plant-based breakfast by Katie’s Healing Kitchen

SATURDAY/SUNDAY:  Outdoor beach adventure, Energetic female flow circle. Bodywork healing.

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Self-Defense Seminar [weapon defenses + protect loved ones]

AriFit Self Defense seminars are a two hour, hands-on, effective, combative training and strategies to stay safe and enhance your awareness - necessary for all levels of ability.

Training and techniques are based upon personal experiences as well as a Krav Maga defense tactics foundation.

You WILL learn how to use your intuition to evade danger, how to protect and guide children or loved ones who do not know how to respond and react, how to enhance environmental awareness, how to escape San Diego's most common street attacks (and common weapon threats) and most importantly, equipping you with methods to manifest your unique "fighting spirit" if any situation were to arise. Each workshop always differs, no one workshop will ever be the same. 


My purpose in life is to empower all genders to embrace their natural abilities by teaching them how to use their body as a weapon for protection.


As a tween, I always felt like the "odd one out.” At 13 years old, my dad bribed me into enrolling in Krav Maga classes. Krav Maga translates to "contact combat" and is the official system of the Israel military. I resisted but attended reluctantly. My dad had stopped his seven years of Krav Maga training just after I was born.

Sooner rather then later, I learned to LOVE the power that my training gave me. I felt more powerful then ever, I stood tall and I carried myself with so much more confidence. I started assisting in as many classes as possible.

Within the first few years, I would attend training up to five days a week. Soon, I was often invited to assist the classes and extracurricular events.

Sometimes during training, my partners would tell me "strike harder! you hit like a girl." Statements like this bothered me so much but that was also my catalyst to continue training and expanding my skills.

Krav Maga training is very intense and I had much pressure put on me especially because I looked and acted older than my teen self. I yearned so badly to train as hard and strong as the high-level males in the class.

Self-defense became my pride and passion, especially since I was able to surround myself with a like-minded community and a place where I belonged.

 After over 1200 hours of instructor training and over 1000 hours of assistant instructor training, I started my journey teaching Krav Maga. At 18, I became the youngest female instructor in the United States (and one of the youngest worldwide!) to earn the responsibility of instructing Krav Maga self-defense. Now, I take pride and understand deeper into what it means to “fight like a girl."

As a professional, I continue to train from boxing to Jiu Jitsu to Muay Thai, Tai Chi, Capoeira and continuing!

After 10 years of training, I continue to adapt my martial arts mindset in order to understand what is best for the people who are starting their self-defense, mma and mobility journey! 

Do you want to level-up? 

Get to know me by subscribing at! 


xo, Ari 

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