Deep-Tissue Bodywork

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Stay Agile, not Fragile…

During your bodywork session, we will release knots using:

* proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) techniques

* deep-tissue myofascial techniques

* Deep Muscle Stimulation tool

* e-STIM muscle therapy

* Raindrop Therapy

* sound therapy

* aromatherapy

* reflexology

* cupping

* gua sha



While training in martial arts, Ari became extremely interested in recovery, body mechanics and pain prevention.

Many athletes end their training with horrific posture, muscular imbalance and very limited range of motion.

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After Ari learned to minimize her own chronic migraines, neck, foot and back pain through holistic practices, she began her journey in helping others heal through similar routes.

Ari does a first-class deep-tissue stretching routine that will prepare you for your sports event or workout, I have used trainers at the professional sports level to provide therapy and stretching both pre and post-match at tennis events and before fitness workouts, she has the knowledge and technique to prepare you for optimal performance and injury prevention. 5 stars for ari stretch! a must-do to keep you in the game
— Patrick R.
Ari is a friendly and strong practitioner. I feel like her background in martial arts helps her to sooth and stretch the body as well because she knows what hurts and how to make it better. She’s professional and easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable and would return!
— Tari M.