AriFit Wellness


Women’s Training

in San Diego


AriFit Self Defense seminars are two hour, hands-on, effective, and safe combative training and strategies to stay safe and enhance your awareness - necessary for all levels of ability.

You will learn how to use your intuition, learn techniques to evade danger, how to enhance environmental awareness, how to escape the most common street attacks…and most importantly, equipping you with methods to manifest your unique "fighting spirit" if any situation were to arise.

Each training session always differs, no two seminars will ever be the same.

Self-defense is sexy. Move from self-doubt toward self-confidence!!

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Stay agile. Not fragile.


Improve range of motion, mobility and circulation. Actively release knots through cupping, hands-on myofascial techniques, Deep Muscle Stimulation, e-STIM AND proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.

-—Alongside training and teaching self-defense, I became extremely interested in recovery, body mechanics and pain prevention.

Many martial artists end their training with horrific posture, muscular imbalance and very limited range of motion. After learning to minimize my chronic migraines, neck, foot and back pain through holistic practices, I began my journey in helping others.


Continue your journey with me and awesome badass babes as we share, gain insight and experience topics and training around self-defense strategies.

The energy of this badass group will uplift you to new levels of awareness inside an exclusive, free, virtual community of babes - a community called Self-Defense Strategies.

This community will provide you with tools, resources, coaching, and accountability to make your daily training inside the tribe worthwhile.